Alexander Sanger to be biologically pro-life, one must be politically pro-choice
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    With reproductive freedom in jeopardy, Alexander Sanger, grandson of renowned family planning advocate Margaret Sanger and a longtime leader in the reproductive rights movement, has taken an urgent, fresh look at the pro-choice position—and even the pro-life position—and finds them necessary, but insufficient. In Beyond Choice he offers the first major re-thinking of these positions in thirty years.

    Praise for Beyond Choice

    In this thoughtful and eloquent book, Alex Sanger defines the arguments around abortion in a way which is clear, thorough, and mind-bending. Sanger challenged my own comfortable assumption that although abortion should be legal, I was very lucky not to have had to make that choice. He argues brilliantly against our moral reservations about a woman's right to choose. Anyone who cares about women or children should read this book.
    —Susan Cheever

    Beyond Choice offers an insightful and historic framework through which to consider one of the most charged issues of our time. Reproductive freedom is not just about women's rights but human rights. Alex Sanger's Beyond Choice defines the issues, clarifying the importance of a woman's freedom to determine her own reproductive destiny. It is a must read for everyone engaged in the debate and for those who struggle to preserve a woman's right to choose.
    —A.M. Homes

    Rethinking everything from first principles, Alexander Sanger brings bracing new intellectual energy and clarity to a vital public debate that has fallen into indignant stalement. Sanger writes from the experience of long involvement and, appropriately enough, from a family tradition. His conclusions may be infuriating or illuminating to you, depending on your point of view, but Beyond Choice takes the discussion into fascinating new territory.
    —Lance Morrow

    In the tradition of his grandmother, Margaret Sanger, Alex Sanger is challenging us to look in a new way at a woman's reproductive freedom. Beyond Choice contends that the pro-choice movement must re-think its message if it is to have political sucess and then gives a thorough outline of why and how to change the rhetoric. Well researched and readable, Beyond Choice should be required reading for both pro-choice and pro-life supporters.
    —Governor Christine Todd Whitman

    This book will allow us to finally have a meaningful debate on reproductive health in America. It is insightful, easily understood, and written in a scholarly manner that I consider to be helpful whether a person is pro-choice or pro-life. Dr. Sanger's book is a must-read for all those who value reason in the debate on reproductive choice in America.
    —Joyceln Elders, M.D., Surgeon General under President Clinton

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